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This game does not require any formal introduction. All of us have been mesmerized by this viral indoor game at some point in our life. Traditionally, this game is played on a board with 2-4 players. The game's objective is simple: players have to roll a dice and, by the dice's number, race the tokens until they reach the finish line. Each player has to play with at least four tokens of a single color. It's a rather basic game that even new and inexperienced players can pick up quickly. Ludo is highly addictive, and despite its simple rules, the players must strategize carefully to compete with other players and win the game.

Technological advancement has almost revolutionized the niche of online gaming, and with time, more players are shifting from the traditional mode of gaming to an online one because of the advantages of playing rummy online, such as the flexibility and improved graphics. Today, online Ludo is immensely popular, and just like many other online games, it has the potential to generate money for the players. This mode of online Ludo is complemented by a plethora of rewards and promotions, and anybody can compete in online Ludo to win them.

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Ludo Game Online

It is an uncontested claim now that the niche of online gaming has increased proportionately. Market trends and statistical surveys confirm the same, and the effects are simply visible in the online gaming platforms in India as well. Despite being a game, which has been around for centuries, Ludo is now played in the online mode.

Online Ludo is one of the games which can be enjoyed by both the experienced as well as by the uninitiated. Besides, online Ludo can be enjoyed by both the old and young players. In accordance with the latest development in the niche of online Ludo, one can play online Ludo to win handsome cash prizes and rewards. Such a platform is the Dhamaal App, which is immensely popular among the ludo players owing to its premium quality of ludo games and the rewards we offer. You can always play from the plethora of gaming options and invite your friends or acquaintance to join us, for which you shall earn more rewards. Besides, in addition to easy deposit and withdrawal features, our payment gateways are totally safe and secure, which shall make your experience a flawless one. Additionally, our customer support team is always there to assist you in case you face any issue while playing online Ludo.

About Ludo Game

Ludo is one of the most popular indoor games, which has succeeded in capturing the popular imagination of the people of the Indian subcontinent. Ancient Indians had developed quite a number of indoor games, many of which have been lost into oblivion, but there is substantial evidence that proves that the present-day game of Ludo is derived from such a game called Pachisi and was probably known as Chaupar in ancient India.

The game can be played by upto four players at a time. Typically, the game has four colored sets, consisting of 4 tokens in each of them. The players are required to choose a color and race the four tokens to the finish line by rolling a dice, which has one to six values ascribed on it. The first player who succeeds in placing all four tokens after the finishing line is declared to be the winner of the game. With the advent of modernization, the forefront of the gaming industry has changed with time, and undoubtedly the popularity of online gaming has tremendously increased in the past few years. In the current scenario, Ludo is one of the most popular games, which is played in the online mode.

Play Ludo Game Online India & Win Real Money

Recent advancement in technology and increasing dependence on gadgets for our daily lives has revolutionized our lived experiences. We are increasingly dependent on the internet, and this trend is reflected in almost all the facets of our daily lives. This has been reflected in the genre of online gaming as well. Online gaming has been one of the most developing niches around the world. There are lots of existing studies which prove that the market of online gaming is gradually getting popularised around the world.

Ludo is one of the most popular games, which has been played in the Indian subcontinent for centuries now. The game of Ludo is very easy, and anybody can play it. Also, it doesn't require any formal training or lots of practice. Besides, both young and old people can play the game, which makes it even more popular. These days, many popular games like poker and rummy are made available in the online mode, and players are enjoying the same. Ludo is also not left behind and is often played in the online mode.

In India, online ludo game is now offered by many online gaming platforms, and the popularity of the same can be gauged by the increasing number of ludo game apps. While most of the ludo apps allow players to play traditional Ludo in online mode, there are some apps that let the players win financial rewards by playing and winning live ludo matches. One of such online ludo platform in Dhamaal App

Dhamaal App is one of the best platforms for online ludo enthusiasts. There are lots of ludo gaming options that the players can choose from. Our customers are highly satiated by the quality, features, and variations of ludo games that we offer, which has enabled us to be one of the most trusted online ludo gaming platforms. In addition to the handsome rewards that you can win by playing our ludo games, you can also refer the app to your friends and win monetary rewards from there as well. We have strived to develop a user-friendly interface for the players, and you shall find it rather easy to operate. Besides, apart from enjoying safe and secure payment gateways, the deposit and withdrawal features of the app are really simple. You can just deposit the amount, choose the ludo match that you wish to participate in, and win lucrative prizes. The withdrawal process is equally simple, and you shall not be facing any difficulty regarding the same. Additionally, our customer support team is always there to assist you with any difficulty that you may face while playing any online ludo game. So, don't wait for long. Download the Dhamaal App, and start playing Ludo right away!

How to Download Ludo Game Online App

Online Ludo is not only an amazing source of engaging in online games, but it is also a way of earning rewards and cash prizes. There are lots of online ludo gaming options on the coveted Dhamaal App, and you can always play the game that entices you the most and play the same to win big. But if you wish to play online Ludo and win big prizes, you need to download the Dhamaal App. Let us have a look at the procedure of the same.

Step 1: You shall have to visit the official website of the Dhamaal App.

Step 2: There shall be a box in which you have to enter your mobile number.

Step 3: On the same page, you shall find the "Get App Link" tab, which you need to click.

Step 4: Based on the mobile number you have entered, you will receive a download link on your mobile.

Step 5: Open the link that you receive on your mobile.

Step 6: Follow this by allowing installation of the app from "Unknown Sources".

Step 7: This shall allow you to install the app on your playing device.

Step 8: Verify with your mobile number to open the app on your mobile.

Step 9: This shall open the Dhamaal App on your mobile.

Step 10: Choose the ludo game that you wish to play, bet your money, and play to win big prizes.

Tips to Play and win Online Ludo Game

Ludo is a game based on strategy and not on luck. If you wish to enhance your chance of winning at online ludo games, you should read through the tips that we provide you with.

1. You should always try to open all the tokens. This shall enable you to plan ahead while playing the game. Also, you shall not be wasting your chances if your token has already reached the finishing line.

2. The most intriguing feature of Ludo is capturing your opponent's tokens. Once a token is captured, it has to restart from the starting point, which wastes more chances for the players, giving an advantage to other players.

3. Apart from capturing others tokens, you can also block them by forming a dyad. In that case, they won't be able to cross you with their single token. This shall again lose them chances, giving you a strategic advantage over your opponents.

4. Keep your tokens all over the board, and never line them up very close. This shall enable you to capture more tokens of your opponents and save those tokens which are near the finishing line.

5. Plan accordingly. Have a good understanding of your opponent's gaming strategies. If you wish to win the game, try not to waste any chance at the dice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play the Ludo Game?

In a ludo game, one has to play with four tokens. Players compete against one another and have to take all four tokens up to the finishing line. The game is played with the help of dice, and the highest value, "6," begins the journey of a token. A "6" also gives a second chance to the player, and they can use both the values of the dice numbers. One can also capture other's tokens by landing one's tokens on somebody else's. Additionally, you can use two tokens to form a dyad which can block any single token of the opponents.

How are Scores calculated in Ludo?

In Ludo, two to four players can play at a time. The rules of the game are rather simple. There is no specific schema of the scores that are to be followed. Players are expected to compete against one another, and ideally, each player has to play with four tokens, which they race against one other, and they have to race the tokens up to the finishing line. The one who is the first player to make all the tokens to the home is declared to be the winner.

How do you make money on Ludo games?

You can download the Dhamaal App on your desktop or mobile. Our app has a lot of gaming options, and you can play any game you wish to. The Dhamaal App has an exciting range of rewards and prizes, which you can win by playing online Ludo. Besides, on the Dhamaal App, you can also refer the App to your friends and acquaintances and win handsome cash prizes for the same.

What are the rules of playing Ludo?

A ludo game requires the use of four tokens. Players battle against one another to get all four tokens to the finish line first. The ludo game is played with the aid of dice, with the highest value, "6," initiating a token's trip. A "6" also offers the player a second opportunity, and they can utilize the cumulative value of both the dice. You may also capture other people's tokens by landing yours on theirs. Additionally, you can also build a dyad by combining two tokens that can block any single opponent's token. The player who is the first to get all four tokens to the winning line wins the whole game.

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only

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This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. T&C Apply. For 18+ only